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Competition Goals

HIGH-PRIORITY EVENTS: These are the most important events of the racing season to you. There should be only a few of these because we will design our training schedule to taper and peak for them.
MEDIUM-PRIORITY EVENTS: These are events you want to do well in but are not the focus of your season. We may rest for these events, but usually they will be thought of as race pace “workouts” to sharpen up for the high-priority events.
LOW-PRIORITY EVENTS: These are events of least importance to you. They are “fillers” to your season. and you will most likely compete for fun and for a good workout. Do not include too many of these events, however, as they might detract from the focus of your season. the high-priority events.

Training Availability

TRAINING SCHEDULE: Please select the available hours you believe you have for training each day. You can be as detailed as you like in this section, listing out specific times of day available or simply put the number of hours available each day. Depending on the demands of your goals we may suggest increasing or decreasing training time at various times during the season.

Strength Training Availability

STRENGTH SCHEDULE: Strength training is often limited by our ability to gain access to equipment. Please select the best days you have access to a gym and the amount of time you have access to a gym.

Arkansas Track Club is a competitive USATF Team for Youth, Open, Masters, & Elite athletes training at the highest level in Track & Field, Cross Country, Road, Mountain, Ultra, & Trail

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